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55 years old
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A happy go lucky clicker who is discovering the world of "have pc & connected and wanna make money from home"...  LOL!!!!  I used to spend my thinking time playing solitaire and spider solitaire and all sorts of games, but now my spare time has become money making time, and I'm learning as I go along...  as soon as I have the "hang of it", I'll do a posting...  I don't have money to capitilise on the offers, so I have to take advantage of all free information and advice, so, hopefully, once I become successful, I shall be able to let you all know...  My cocoons and signatures are all over the www, so just google and oogle and giggle and gaggle and doodle, and you'll find me there somewhere amidst the billions of us...

28 years old
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hey, are you the raine carosin ........... related to the mirror activity?