Posted by RAINE CAROSIN on April 8, 2013 at 8:00 AM

Dancing along the battle lines

Drawn between all the earth

I’m balancing my fine lines

In the lands that gave me birth

Everybody thinks they’re righteous

And Nobody is at fault

Somebody is being curtious

Some are sugar, some are salt

They’re forgetting to stop fighting

It’s becoming a way of life

They don’t care if they kill

Your brother, Your sister, your Father or Wife

One can warn them of the dangers

But no one is listening anymore

So I’m singing on the frontlines

To the back and to the fore

If Everyone dropped their weapons

And asked for what they want

Would anyone still be listening

Or will I still be singing this chant


I …………….

Can’t stand

Being Helpless


Knowing what I know

Makes my heart very sore


The Creator has many names

But that no cause for a fight

Or a war that ruins my days

Or a murder that ruins my night

If you’re hungry ask for food

Don’t be afraid if some refuse you

If you’re thirsty ask for water

No one can refuse you

But don’t take what is not yours

Can’t some of you understand

People work hard for their possessions

And they work hard for their land

If you’re angry at some grievance

And you hate what has been done

Turn away from your vengeance

And let the Creator’s will be done

He really is most powerful

And I wonder why I write

Is the world so unbalanced

That it can’t stop the fights

So I’m dancing between the battle lines

Pulled and pushed by the waves

And the sadness fills my heart

When the battlegrounds turn to graves



Sing my heart out

And I heal the hurt inside

I send my voice to heal

My neighbours far and wide

I know you’ve lost some love

But some things are meant to be

We will find out our truths

Through our eternity

When our eyes burn with tears

And our hearts yearn for love

Our Comforter takes a form

That we hardly dreamed of

We need time to rest and heal

All our broken hearts and bones

And compassion with our weakness

And we mustn’t throw stones


Cos what we reach for

Is what comes to us

So there’s no need to fight

Or to curse, swear or cuss

Let’s give ourselves a break

So sleep/rest and dream a dream

And live for each other

Without a fright or scream

Life can be so simple

And your Maker holds the key

And gives us what we need

And not all that we see

We need His guiding arm

And the comfort of His staff

So along the way

We can work, play and laugh

So put a smile here and there

If you want, put it everywhere

For sometimes


Can’t stand

Being helpless

When I care….




Haven’t you had enough? Will you give us souls a rest? We can’t seem to agree on anything and we’re all trying our best. Perhaps our prayers and our singing, is too loud and too long… Perhaps the armies aren’t listening as we sing our song… But for now it doesn’t matter as I’m tired in mind and bone, and I’d like to get some sleep in this play I call my own. I can’t stop you fighting, you’re the only one who can make that choice, and I’m only dancing on the lines and giving peace a voice. If no one joined an army, and safely stayed at home, I’m sure revenge would be sweet as your hair you would comb. For nothing is nicer than a day spent as you will, but I’ve got to dance between the armies and not my milk and honey spill. For all is paid for by my Saviour whose name I shall not tell, for some will try to break me and push me into hell. So whoever is your Saviour, I know will keep you well. Believe me I’m not here to judge you or put you into hell. I remember you touched my family, I remember you spilled some blood… My heart cries for those you took without a second thought. I’m praying you will change your ways and learn to live and love, and find your forgiveness from our Creator above. And still more, should you not believe in anything or yourself, I’m praying you will see The Creator, Himself!




I see no more horror than

There was in times gone by

But still, the horror hurts

My Created Eye

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